Being in a rock band is a cycle. First there is the song writing (the most crucial part), then recording, and finally promotion of the new, best album ever. STAREWELL is going through this cycle for the fifth time with the release of Trophy Life. Why Trophy Life? Because, how many people do you know who present their lives as beautiful and flawless, when of course they’re no different than the next persons’. Just like the big boobed, blond on the arm of some beamer driving executive, life is never perfect… but wouldn’t we like everyone else to think it is?

It’s time for a change in the way we write our biography. Not too long ago we would have written that STAREWELL is greatest band ever because we had charted on rock radio, and played with fancy big bands, done festivals, and won awards etc. That’s nice, but really who cares. Is that what writing music is about? No of course not. What we would like to say now is that Trophy Life is as good as anything we’ve done before. Regardless of whether anyone outside our band likes it, we like it and we’re proud of it. Writing music in this band has been a blast and being able to share those creations live with so many of our fans has been fantastic. Thank you all wherever you are and please enjoy Trophy Life, our fifth studio album.


Brett, Wade and Chris

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